Norton Technologies Services

We have the expertise to create your new Windows Desktop and to prepare and delivery applications to your users.


Desktop Builds

A well managed version controlled Desktop Build is important for fast & efficient commissioning of machines, updating and troubleshooting. We understand the importance of knowing precisely what ingredients were used for each revision of your Builds.

We can create Builds for both physical and virtual Desktops.

We have the expertise to automate Gold/Master Image creation.

Application Delivery

Getting applications to your users in a large organisation requires specialist skills whether using traditional deployment technologies such as Microsoft System Center or streaming virtual applications with App-V. 

Application Packaging

Packaging is about more than delivering applications seamlessly to your Windows Desktops. Applications are what your users interact with so how they are presented is the single most important aspect of user experience in your IT infrastructure.

Whether using WIndows Installer, application virtualisation or scripting a vendor installation, we have the expertise and experience to produce the best packages in the industry.


Microsoft Windows Installer

Microsoft App-V

MSIX / app attach


Citrix App Layering

Citrix Streaming Profiler

VMware ThinApp

Numecent CloudPaging

Amazon WAM

Microsoft SCCM

HP Radia

CA Unicenter Software Delivery


Windows PowerShell

VMware PowerCli

AppSense / Ivanti